Program your Lifestyle with IGBas

Program your Lifestyle with IGBas

Embarking on a low GI program can be a golden opportunity to reconnect with yourself and take control of your well-being. The fact of setting up a food adjustment generally makes it possible to rebalance its meals and to pay particular attention to what we consume.

Reviewing what we consume on a daily basis, reducing sugar consumption, favoring whole and satiating foods such as cereals and legumes and giving pride of place to fruits and vegetables.

Can only be good!

During this program, you will:

  • Learn to eat real and very healthy food
  • Learn to enjoy cooking and especially the food you eat because you’ll have a simple and effective guide to help you transform old habits into new habits
  • Learning to choose foods with a low glycemic index
  • You will feel fuller between meals
  • Experience a decrease in menopausal and premenopausal symptoms thanks to a special protocol based on diet and supplements
  • Feeling more energetic, more mentally and physically, and sleeping better
  • Do a 15-day detox
  • Test different and balanced recipes to control your hunger
  • Discover the true taste of unprocessed foods
  • Change your relationship with food and get new eating habits
  • Decrease considerably the taste for sugar and learn to eat healthy desserts
  • Learn to do intermittent fasting 
  • Learning to read food labels when shopping
  • Learning to eat better away from home
  • Learn to buy better and spend less when paying the bill
  • You’ll gain a new lease of life and feel so good that you won’t fall into old habits anymore
  • You will lose your body’s extra fat in a very natural way, without dieting, just by making some changes in your habits

What makes this weight loss program different?

  • You work with a certified healthy lifestyle expert
  • You will know how to judge whether a food is healthy or not
  • You will eat real food bought from the local supermarket
  • You will have instruments that will help you to go through this whole process in an easy, pleasant and efficient way.
  • You will change everything in your pantry and fridge
  • You and your family will adopt a very healthy way of life at all times.
  • You will maintain a sustainable healthy weight

What do you get?

  • A better life and longevity
  • Change of mindset regarding food
  • A lifetime eating plan
  • Permanent well-being
  • You will no longer feel pain or discomfort
  • You will discover the true world of healthy living
  • You will learn that food will be your new medicine
  • You will know what to eat and how to eat when you are out of your environment
  • Weight loss
  • It will also help your family to be in good health.
  • Exclusive e-cookbook on Low Glycemic Index
  • 6 appointments every 2 weeks for 3 months
  • A wonderful, printed cookbook delivered to your door
  • Daily chats
  • Naturotherapy receipts for your insurance