Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance Personalized Weight Loss Program

A change in metabolism can positively influence nutrition-related metabolic disorders, contribute to weight loss and improve health, well-being and vitality.

Metabolism is the basis of all vital processes in the human body and encompasses all biochemical processes in the organism.

In this program, we ask for a blood test. A blood test makes it possible to analyze which nutrients are in sufficient quantity or on the contrary, which are lacking. We want to know if the body is functioning well and with this kind of test we can detect if there is any inflammation or risk of future disease. Laboratory values are used to detect and improve certain health problems such as, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, pancreas and liver problems and many other diseases.

The Metabolic Balance® Food Program is based on the assumption that each person’s body is capable of producing its own enzymes and hormones to function well. Through blood testing, the Metabolic Balance® program produces a personalized food plan based on your blood test results and your body that indicates what types of foods work well for you and what foods to cut off your plate, including the amount is adequate according to your body composition.

Metabolic Balance®, is the product of 20 years of research and today more than 1,000,000 people have already participated in it around the world with a very high level of success.

Metabolic Balance® is a method of adapting and regulating your diet to boost your metabolism. The system works with your body to encourage the release of insulin as nature intended. Metabolic Balance® ultimately boosts your body’s hormone production; keeps your metabolism balanced; and helps you lose weight quickly, safely and without starving yourself.

How did it feel to never struggle with your weight again and have a great metabolism, high energy, great sleep, amazing skin, regardless of your age?

Even better, your Personalized Food Plan will consist of real tasty foods for life style.
This program makes life easy, because it is clear what to eat, when and how much.

Is the Metabolic Balance Program® for you? Well, if you…

  • Can’t lose weight despite everything you’ve tried
  • Body pain
  • Fight inflammation, aches and pains
  • Lack of libido
  • Are insulin resistant
  • Have rheumatoid arthritis
  • Have high blood pressure/high bad cholesterol
  • Have skin problems
  • Suffer from intestinal problems
  • Have fatty liver disease
  • Want to be healthier mentally and physically
  • Want to have more confidence
  • Want feel good about yourself
You are in a good place to start !

What you get:

  • Private Clinic Medical Consultation for a health checkup and Complete Lab Blood Test 
  • Complete food and lifestyle assessment with body composition test 
  • Personalized meal plans based on your blood test results (30 pages)
  •  4 Months of One-on-One Coaching, in total 8 appointments, with professional to track your results, discussed the next steap and keep you motivated
  • Meal planning tools that make weight loss fun and easy
  • Shopping lists for your weekly recipes
  • Track weight loss tool progress until your goal is reached
  • Daily chat support
  • Weekly check-in to track your progress
  • Sharing information, suggestions and interesting recipes to motivate you to continue your quest for even better health
  • Personalized E-Book with healthy and easy recipes will be available to you
  • A free Body Composition Scale will be delivered to your door to help to track your progress
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook Group, recipes, and bonus holistic living tips
  • Lifetime access to monthly group support on Zoom with bonus holistic health learning topics & live Q&A session
  • Receipts available for your insurance in naturotherapy, only in Canada
  • Referral Program, opportunity to get your program free

Here's what you need to know about the
Metabolic Balance Program